Get Employer Support

Overcome the Objections and Get the Support You Deserve

One of the best ways to get management support is to submit a formal proposal to your direct supervisor, outlining the facility benefits of attending the conference.

  • First, determine if your facility has a formal professional development policy, form, and/or designated amounts for employees.
  • Second, review the daily schedule for the conference to identify the educational sessions and networking events that address the specific needs within your facility.
  • Third, begin preparing your proposal. Here are some talking points to help you along:

Why Should You Attend?

Elevate by Psych Congress is the only conference of its kind, where 300+ forward-thinking clinicians come together to discover new ideas and approaches to mental healthcare, connect with a mentor and network to tap into year-round, and advance their career by engaging with some of the nation’s singular experts.

No other mental health education conference features the nation’s leading mind is psychiatry and mental health combined with breakout thinkers who challenge convention.

Continuing Education Credits

NACCME is an approved continuing education provider for Elevate by Psych Congress.

This meeting is accredited for psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and other mental health professionals for 15.5 CME/CE credit hours.

Top Benefits of Attendance

  • More than 20 educational activities
  • Lectures from world-class researchers and dynamic speakers
  • Late-breaking research in mental health
  • The opportunity to learn about emerging innovations and technologies that can improve patient outcomes

Ideas for Overcoming Objections to Your Request


This conference is too expensive.


  • Elevate registration fees are reasonable given the value of the education, networking opportunities provided, and transformational knowledge I will gain.
  • Elevate has negotiated very competitive hotel rates for conference attendees.


What will the organization gain from your attendance?


Show in your proposal, through examples, how the conference provides the following:

  • New ideas, strategies, or techniques that will positively impact your organization's ability to care for patients or improve outcomes.
  • Access to educational programming (data, practices, and techniques) that can be brought back to the organization (all attendees receive access to all session slides).
  • Opportunities for relationship building with experts, colleagues, referral sources, and product and service providers.


The organization cannot afford to have you away from the office.


  • Have a plan ready that shows how the conference will provide unparalleled learning opportunities, who will cover for you, and how you can manage your workload while you are away.
  • Elevate offers free Wifi to all attendees that will allow you to check in throughout the program.
  • Remind your supervisor that supporting your attendance will advance the quality of care the organization provides, improve patient outcomes, and show the office's commitment to your professional development.

How to Create a Successful Proposal

Your proposal should include the following:

  • A schedule of sessions you will attend and why the knowledge gained will be valuable to your practice.
  • Make your proposal more powerful by listing your organization's goals and objectives, and how they relate to the corresponding educational sessions.
  • Make a list of areas where your company faces challenges, and how the sessions offered in Austin will help you develop solutions to meet those needs.
  • The cost of registration, travel, and accommodations.